Bluetooth Tester
Key Features

◆ Supports Bluetooth v1.0 ~ v5.0
◆ Integrated measurement (RF, Audio, Protocol)
◆ Measures the suitability of Bluetooth specifications, overall auto measurement function according to test case

- Supports 12 RF test cases
- Supports Dirty Transmitter

◆ Audio performance (SCO Link) Measurement function (Option 3000-10)

- Audio test function using Headset, Handsfree, A2DP profile(stereo headset)
- Audio quality verification (SINAD, Distortion), Audio spectrum, SCO loopback function

◆ RF signal analyzer function (Option 3000-20)

- Spectrum Analyzer, Analyze Modulation wave form, power vs. time, power vs. channel, RX-BER

◆ Protocol analyzer function

- Baseband, LMP, HCI, L2CAP, RFCOMM, SDP, AVDTP, AVRCP Profile packet analysis
- Execute function of HCI command

◆ EDR Test Function (Option 3000-40)

- I-Q Constellation, DEVM (Differential Error Vector Magnitude), TX Bit Error Rate (TX-BER)
- Supports 7 EDR RF test cases

◆ LE Test Function v4.2 (Option 3000-50)

- Supports 7 LE RF test cases
- Spectrum Analyzer, Analyze Modulation wave form, power vs. time, PER

◆ LE Test Function v5.0 (Option 3000-60)

- Supports 31 LE v5.0 test cases

- 11 Transmitter / 20 Receiver RF Test Cases

- Supports Measurement Function for LE v5.0

◆ LE Simple Signaling Test Function

- Supports OTA(Over-The-Air) test

- Output Power, PER test

◆ User definable Baseband IN/OUT ports for real-time signal monitoring, external modulation, audio source and audio analyzer
◆ HCI interface for DUT connection: USB, RS-232C (UART, BCSP)
◆ Remote control: TCP/IP (LAN), RS-232C, USB

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